Income Tax Checklist


  • New Client – Copy of last year’s federal and state tax returns.Tax checklist
  • Income – All statements you received during the year (e.g. W-2, 1099 statements).
  • Businesses and Rental Properties – All business related income and expenses. New clients please bring in depreciation sheets.
  • Stock/Mutual fund sales, etc. Sales also require the basis information.
  • Job/Work related expenses – Must exceed 2% of AGI.
  • Itemizing this year – Bring statements of mortgage/home equity loan interest paid, any real estate taxes paid, excise taxes, and charitable contributions. Medical expenses must exceed 7.5 or 10% of AGI.
  • Social Security numbers for all dependents. Social Security numbers are required in order to file.
  • Childcare credit – We need childcare provider name, SS# or Tax ID #, address, and amount paid
  • Estimated tax payments – Amount of payments during the year and dates you made them.
  • Bought/Refinanced/Sold Home – All purchase and sale settlement statements and all mortgage statements from the bank(s) or mortgage company(s). (Form 1098).
  • IRA/ROTH/SEP Contribution – Amounts contributed and all year end IRA statements. Not all IRA’s are deductible.
  • Certain work related educational expenses might be tax deductible. Consult your tax consultant.
  • If you use your car or other vehicle on the job (not just for commuting), bring records/logs of auto usage: starting and ending mileage for the tax year, total business mileage, total overall mileage, and actual expenses such as repairs, lease fees, insurance, gas, oil, parking, and tolls.
  • Electronic filing your tax return is fastest with Direct Deposit. Bank  info necessary.
  • Affordable Care Act paperwork/Health Insurance Information (FEIN # & Subscriber #)